...or you can let it come to you.

[This is the second of two posts that center around my recent vocational discernment. If you haven't read part one, jump over here first!]

Then, in January, I started this work in Admissions. This work that involves entering data into a difficult-to-navigate database, learning an endless stream of acronyms, and plenty of paper cuts.

This work that involves walking with others as they discern God's call in their lives, matching prospective students with current students who are eager to share their experiences, and being surrounded by an incredibly gifted team every day.

And then, less than three weeks after this dream-job interview, I became sure that God can call us to more than one thing.

So, until May 2013, I will live into this new knowledge by serving as the Associate Director of Admissions right here, at the seminary that has helped me understand the breadth and depth of serving God. It's funny: I have been so eagerly anticipating the end of my life as a full-time student, all the while dreading the thought of leaving this community. God so fully, fully provides.

At my endorsement interview last April, the pastor who was then serving as an Assistant to the Bishop (who is, in a delightful twist of fate, my new boss) recommended that I consider the possibility of serving in campus ministry at some point in my career. I was overjoyed at this suggestion, because at its heart, campus ministry entails walking alongside young adults as they figure out what it means to follow God's leading, to fully live into the vocations to which they have been called, and that aspect of ministry has always excited me. During the next chapter of my life, I will get to do exactly that, but with young adults, "regular" adults (whatever that means!), and even much older adults, all of whom are God's beloved children. In a roundabout way, this is precisely what I have always felt God calling me to do, it just looks a little different than I imagined. And it, too, feels like home.

I feel incredibly privileged to be able to serve in this capacity for the next two years. This call will afford me the opportunity to travel around the country to engage in conversation about discernment and hear the different and beautiful ways in which God calls God's people to public ministry. And when I return from these excursions, I will settle back into life on the Ridge and remember why I came here in the first place: because I so clearly see God at work here, and that, my friends, gives me great hope.

NB: The titles for this post and the one before it come from Sometimes a Beggar by Caedmon's Call, off of their latest album, Raising Up The Dead. Good stuff.


  1. I am hurt that you neglected to mention the perk of hanging out with me next year. Hmph.

    But really, congratulations! We're blessed to have you!

  2. This makes me excited for you! I worked in Admissions during my time at Wartburg Seminary and I loved it! It sounds like it will be a great fit for you and your gifts!

  3. @Kerri: That's a given :]

    @Mark: Thanks! I'm super excited. I keep saying that this is right near the top of the list of "Things I Never Thought God Had Planned For My Life."

  4. Love it!!!! I'm so happy for you (and for me ;-))!!!

  5. So proud of you and excited for you...in case I haven't said it enough :) <3

  6. Hugs girl! I am so very proud of you and delighted for the seminary that God brought Ginny here and you here and the timing and your discernment, and CPE, and how it has all come together with an answer none of us could have imagined. God is good and you will be amazing at this job.


    So, so excited to hog... er, share... you next year :) Glad you're able to share such exciting news! I hope and pray you've busted open a bottle of bubbly. Tucker and I are splitting a light beer in your honor!

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