A Lent Without Spending?!

This morning, as I was clicking through my Google Reader, I noticed that Ex-Hot Girl had done a links post. She linked to a blog called Fat Bridesmaid, and it sounded interesting, so obviously, I clicked and started to read. This girl is giving up spending for Lent. She has some rules, but it's pretty strict. I'm considering this. I'm constantly broke, but I keep spending a little at a time, forgetting that it all adds up. There are a few things I would have to fudge...like, I'm going to a conference at the end of the month, so I'll have to eat out, and let's not lie, I'll probably buy some books. But seriously? To stop spending for 46 days? This could be interesting. I'll give it some thought today while I'm in class.

On second thought, maybe I should give up thinking about other things while I'm in class...


  1. As long as you don't give up gchatting with me while you're in class!!! ;)

  2. do it! think of how good you'd feel afterwards. like when i gave up fried food for lent -- TOTAL feeling of accomplishment when that was over!

  3. Go, Julie, go! A plan that's economical and pretty virtuous. Score.

    Keep us posted :)

  4. Dude...what am amazing concept!! I just wrote about how I need to stop with the spending. I am out of control. Seriously, EBay has taken over my life.